Florida man enters wrong home, claims to be Tom Brady

April 23, 2020

A deranged Florida man wandered into a house in the Tampa area earlier this month, claiming to be six-time Super Bowl winner, Tom Brady.

The unidentified white male, said to be around 6'4" and in his early forties, was reportedly seen 'trying doors' in a suburb of the Tampa area before walking into the house of local man David Kramer and making a number of bizarre claims.


"This guy just waltzes into my house, tries to convince me he's Tom Brady and gives me some line of crap about trying to find [Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive co-ordinator] Byron Leftwich", said Kramer.


"I wasn't too surprised, no. This kind of thing isn't that uncommon in Florida. Oddly enough, just last work some lunatic walked in with a similar story but he said he was Rob Gronkowski. I told him to get the hell out before I send his ass back to New England with my 12-gauge. I should really start locking that door."

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