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Andy Murray to become Scottish again after Wimbledon

British tennis star Sir Andy Murray has revealed in an emotional press conference that he will return to being Scottish after this year's Wimbledon tournament.

The three-time Slam winner was teary-eyed as he confirmed his aim to retire after this year's Wimbledon tournament, thus relinquishing his title as a Brit and returning to being an angry Scotsman.

"I've had an amazing career, and it'll be tough not playing the sport I love any more, but I think the hardest adjustment I'll have to make is going back to being Scottish.

"I've really enjoyed being British for a few years. People treated me a lot better when I was a Brit winning Wimbledon than when I was the whining Scottish guy who hadn't won a major.

"But unfortunately, my hip won't allow me to keep winning tournaments, so I've decided to become Scottish again before the British public make the decision for me.

"It'll be tough relearning how to despise the English after how nice they've been to me, but thankfully I've got mum [Judy Murray] to teach me again."

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