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BREAKING: Fury-Joshua fight agreed for 94th time this year

After many, many months of background negotiations, a deal has been reached for a heavyweight unification bout between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, again.

The all-British super fight had already been agreed a record 93 times in only three months, but Joshua's promoter Eddie Hearn has assured boxing fans this will "absolutely, 100%, hopefully" be the final time we will have to endure this announcement.

"We can say with absolute confidence now that the deal's been signed and the best heavyweights in the world will be facing each other twice, and [Fury's promoter] Bob Arum is even letting me say it without basically calling me a lying prick", said Matchroom Boxing's Hearn.

"We don't know when the first fight will happen, which country it will be in, if Fury's being serious about drinking 12 pints a day at the moment or not, but it's definitely happening. 100%. We hope.

"The hardest thing about agreeing a fight is always getting the contract signed, particularly when you've got Fury asking for 4oz gloves and Joshua asking for a panic room to be fitted in his dressing room, but we've got that done.

"All that's left to do now is figure out which country will pay me the most money; sorry, which country is most suitable, to host the first fight."



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