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Chelsea ban 40,567 fans for not joining in Sterling racial abuse

Following reports that four fans racially abused Raheem Sterling during last week's game between Chelsea and Manchester City, the west London club surprisingly banned everyone else in attendance, citing a 'lack of club values'.

In a statement, the club affirmed it remains a fundamentally racist club and will not tolerate political correctness at Stamford Bridge.

"We have a long history of racism (and misogyny) here at Chelsea, and it's disappointing to see our fans not getting involved. It shows a lack of understanding of the club's values.

"Accordingly, we have decided to ban all those not participating in the abuse, including the 9 or 10 Manchester City fans who attended the game.

"If our fans aren't stopping black people from getting on trains or screaming racial slurs at them (even those in the England squad), then frankly, we do not want them in our stadium.

"But for our four musketeers, we have a special treat involving a fun-filled, boozy trip to Auschwitz with John Terry himself, so we would urge them to come forward so that we can reward their passion with some good old fashioned fascist-themed entertainment."



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