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Coronavirus: Jon Jones stockpiling cocaine, just in case

In light of the recent coronavirus outbreak, UFC star Jon Jones is preparing for a potential self-isolation stint by stockpiling cocaine, it has emerged.

Like millions of others disturbed by the news that coronavirus might require them to self-isolate for weeks or even months, the UFC's ever-controversial pound-for-pound number one has taken the initiative and started to gather supplies.

But while most are stocking up on essentials like toilet paper and food, Jones is reportedly calling every dealer he knows, buying as much cocaine as he can possibly fit in his Albuquerque home.

According to a source, Jones, whose professional MMA record stands at 26-1-0 (1 NC) (his sole loss being a disqualification), is said to have already spent around $200,000 accumulating 10 kilos of the Devil's Dandruff after calling in a few favours, which should last him at least three weeks if he rations it carefully.

The source also claimed the American fighter has not purchased any food for his anticipated quarantine because he doesn't envisage having much of an appetite.

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