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Eighth person dies of laughter upon hearing 'Bury have been buried' pun

ANOTHER PERSON has died of laughter today after hearing a variation of a hilarious pun along the lines of 'Bury have been buried'.

Since Bury Football Club were expelled from the English Football League (EFL) yesterday, at least eight people have died moments after learning of the outrageously funny pun, unable to curb their hysterical laughter until meeting their unfortunate end.

Chris Peak, one man lucky enough to survive a nearly fatal laughing fit after reading the pun in today's edition of The Sun, had this to say:

"I'm lucky to be alive after reading that. The doctor at A&E said if I didn't faint when I did I'd have died there and then.

"It's just so fucking funny. Bury! Buried! Never heard anything like it. Genius. Oh, Christ, I'm off again!"

Chris sadly collapsed into another uncontrollable laughing seizure seconds after we interviewed him and had to be taken away in an ambulance.

With the death count increasing by the hour, members of the public are already calling for legislation on the irresponsible use of puns with a view to preventing tragic incidents like this occurring in the future.

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