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Fans DISGUSTED as Arsenal reach Europa League Final without dramatic comeback

Arsenal were booed off the pitch at the Mestalla Stadium tonight after boring their travelling fans to tears with a comprehensive victory over Valencia to reach the Europa League Final.

The North London club, already ahead a disappointing 3-1 on aggregate after the first leg, looked as if they might attempt to go behind and recreate the incredible, dramatic comebacks of Liverpool and Tottenham in their respective Champions League semi-finals when they conceded in the 11th minute. But it was not to be, after Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang equalised in the 17th, the boring bastard.

Boos rang out from the away section as Arsenal extended their lead via Lacazette in the 50th minute, and with the team cruising to a 7-3 win on aggregate in the late stages of the match, the Gunners fans that hadn't already left the stadium booed and jeered their team, furious that the players didn't at least try to go a goal or two down before beating the Spanish side. One dissatisfied fan had this to say:

"It was pathetic. It's bad enough we're in the Europa League, and now we can't even manage to go even two or three goals down before getting to the final?

"How does it look when bloody Spurs, who've never won anything, are coming back from 3-0 down and scoring in the last second, Chelsea are winning penalty shootouts against shitty teams like Frankfurt and we're just coasting through to the final? Who wants that?

"I know one thing: I won't be watching the final unless the manager makes some changes. Aubameyang should be benched for Iwobi until at least the 60th minute if he wants to keep the fans entertained."

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