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Great British Bake Off winner calls out Floyd Mayweather

VIEWERS were left shocked as this year's winner of Channel 4's 'The Great British Bake Off' capped off the season by challenging boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather.

Rahul Mandal, a Rotherham-based Indian research scientist, who only started baking five years ago to make friends, won this year's edition of the show by burning some bread and smashing some glass.*

But immediately after the announcement was made, the usually mild-mannered Rahul turned to the camera and launched a vicious attack on undefeated boxer, Floyd 'Money' Mayweather:

"Where you at, Floyd? If you're done fighting those bums from the UFC, come see a real champion, or are you scared I'll whip you?

"He calls himself 'Money', but I'll show him who the real bread winner is. I'm the best, and if he kneads it proving to him, I'll step in the boxing ring and fold him. I'll toast that chump.

"Or if he can stand the heat, he can get into the kitchen. We'll see if he can deliver a perfect chocolate orange layer cake while that wanker Paul Hollywood glares at him with those White Walker eyes. I say he crumbles."

Mayweather has already responded to the baker's challenge via a video posted on the boxer's Instagram page. Asked about the challenge, 'T.B.E.' (or 'The Best Ever') responded:

"Oh, for sure we can get it on. I don't know too much about him, but he's a tough competitor and I've heard he makes a mean tartlet."

"You know, I'm a great champion, he's a great champion, so if he wants to get it on in 2019, I'm ready. No doubt that would be a 9-figure payday for me, but he knows I'm the A-side, so it'll be on my terms, and whether it's a ring or a kitchen, it'll be in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas."

*According to our sources, he also baked some things, which is apparently the whole point of the show. We're clueless as to why this show is so popular.



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