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Kyrie Irving breaks ankle falling off edge of the earth

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving suffered yet another injury setback during a foolhardy expedition to find the edge of the earth, it has emerged.

The skillful point guard, who won the 2016 NBA championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers, is known for being an avid flat earther', believing that our planet is a flat disc rather than a globe, despite all scientific evidence pointing towards the latter.

And earlier this week, the 28-year-old decided to test his theory by setting out on an expedition to find the edge of the earth, which is apparently somewhere in Antarctica.

Unfortunately, 'Uncle Drew' found what he was looking for, or at least a short cliff that resembled the edge of the earth in a YouTube conspiracy video he saw, and in his excitement fell off and landed on some rocks below, adding a broken ankle to his long list of injuries.

Irving is expected to undergo surgery later this week with a view to returning to the Nets in early 2021.

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