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Ryan Giggs to miss first friendly as Wales manager

Newly appointed Wales manager has confirmed he will miss team's first match of 2018.

Just hours after Ryan Giggs was officially announced as manager of Wales national football team, Giggs confirmed he is to miss the team’s first game, because Sir Alex Ferguson said so. He had this to say:

“I’m afraid I will not be attending the team’s first game, and I may also miss the second. Almost immediately after the Football Association of Wales confirmed my appointment on Twitter, I received a phone call from Fergie.

“He told me I’d have to miss the first game or two because he needed me at Old Trafford those days. I explained he wasn’t even managing Manchester United anymore and that the games hadn’t even been arranged yet, but he just started hurling Scottish insults at me, calling me things like ‘dobber’ and a ‘wee jessie’. Eventually, I gave in.

“I apologise to all the fans and the team. I just can’t seem to say no to him.”

Sir Alex Ferguson could not be reached for comment.



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