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The Last Dance: Episodes 7 & 8 just Jordan pitching quarters

Due to immense public demand, joint producers ESPN and Netflix have confirmed that episodes 7 and 8 of documentary series 'The Last Dance' will be two hours of Michael Jordan pitching quarters.

The 10-part miniseries, focusing on the 1997-1998 Chicago Bulls, is the hottest show on TV after knocking Joe Exotic and the 'Tiger King' series off its perch.

Each episode features behind-the-scenes footage, giving an insight into the personalities behind perhaps the best basketball team in history. And after seeing a couple of minutes of Michael Jordan in his most difficult challenge yet in episode 6, pitching quarters against some security guard who looked like Rick Moranis with a blond perm, thousands upon thousands of viewers wrote to ESPN and Netflix demanding more footage of the game.

So after digging around their archives, the co-producers decided to scrap episodes 7 and 8 and replace them with two straight hours of unedited footage showing Jordan's titanic battle with the unnamed security guard, the only real challenge MJ had in his prime. Expect lots of smack talk and lots more shrugs.

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