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"Time for YOUR lesson!" - Conor McGregor calls out Duolingo owl

UFC superstar Conor McGregor has challenged Duo the owl, official mascot of language-learning platform Duolingo, to a no-holds-barred straightener in the octagon.

The two-division UFC champion from Ireland is known for taking on any challenge, be it Khabib Nurmagomedov, Floyd Mayweather Jr or the whiskey business. And having being forced to stay at home for the past few weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic, McGregor, decided to take on a new challenge and learn Spanish via the Duolingo app on his iPhone.

Like most of us, McGregor probably thought it would be a nice, relaxing way to learn a new language, add another string to his bow without the pressures of going to school. And, like most of us, he was dead wrong.

Speaking on Instagram Live, the 31-year-old fumed:

"So I've been trying to learn some Spanish on this Duolingo thing, just in case we go into the tequila business, and this f***ing little green b***h has been hassling me every day for weeks.

""Time for your lesson" he says. "You lost your f***ing streak". "These 15 reminders I've sent you in the last hour don't seem to be working, you lazy f***er". I'm sick of being harassed. No, I don't want to buy a streak freeze or spend 30 lingots buying you a new f***ing champagne tracksuit.

"Seems I'm not the only one who hates this passive aggressive little f***ing owl either, so I'll tell you what: I'm calling you out, Duo. You and me, 5 rounds in the octagon, pay-per-view. It's time for YOUR lesson.

We'll see how many reminders you can send from a hospital bed after eating a few of these left hands, you greasy little rat bird. I know you're watching, Dana [White], so set the fight up. I'm dead serious."

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