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UFC island plan OFF after Dana White loses bidding war to Shang Tsung

Dana White's unique and controversial plan to host UFC events on a private island is dead in the water after the UFC President lost a bidding war to shapeshifting warlock, Shang Tsung, it has emerged.

With all major sporting events currently on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, White was hoping to secure a private island to host UFC events "weekly" until the crisis is over.

Unfortunately, little did White know that demonic overlord Shang Tsung was also in the market for an island to host the next edition of the famed Mortal Kombat tournament and had settled on the very same one as him.

White apparently offered an eye-watering sum of money in an attempt to outbid Tsung, but for the island's owners, no amount of earthly currency was enough to outweigh the threat of an otherworldly being who uses people's souls as an anti-aging cream.

White's desperate search for a venue for UFC 249 will continue, while the Mortal Kombat tournament will go ahead as planned this Saturday.

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