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Conor McGregor assaults shoppers for not panic buying Proper Twelve

UFC star Conor McGregor is in trouble once again after assaulting a group of shoppers in a Dublin supermarket for refusing to add a bottle of Proper Twelve whiskey to their coronavirus-induced panic shop.

According to reports, the Irish fighter and two-division UFC world champion visited his local Tesco supermarket in his hometown of Crumlin in Dublin yesterday to purchase some supplies in light of the recent coronavirus outbreak.

McGregor arrived to find the store rammed full of panicking shoppers, stripping the shelves of essentials such as bread, meat, tinned foods, bottled water, and toilet paper.

Then, the 31-year-old made his way to the wines and spirits aisle to find that the vast majority of alcoholic beverages had been taken as well, save for a stacked shelf full of his own product, Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey.

Enraged, the 'Notorious One' apparently began thrusting bottles into people's baskets and shopping trolleys, viciously attacking anyone who refused and even smashing a bottle of Jameson's on a 76-year-old woman's head.

After around 30 minutes of chaos, McGregor, having consumed at least one bottle of whiskey himself, was arrested and escorted out of the store by police. Bystanders claimed he could be heard crying and screaming "f*** the Jameson brothers! Why won't you rats just drink Proper Twelve?!"

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