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Deontay Wilder "trapped for days" under weighted blanket

Deontay Wilder has shockingly revealed he was recently "trapped for days" under a 20lb weighted blanket he purchased to help him sleep after losing his heavyweight title to Tyson Fury.

Wilder lost his WBC heavyweight title to Britain's Tyson Fury back in February in a crushing seventh round TKO defeat. The 34-year-old, currently self-isolating due to the coronavirus pandemic, joined 'The PBC Podcast' to give an update on his health and reflect on his first career loss.

After denying Tyson Fury is a genuine world champion because the real Deontay Wilder didn't turn up and claiming he had bicep surgery after the fight, Wilder revealed that his absence from the public eye of late was partly due to an ordeal he suffered involving a weighted blanket he recently purchased:

"I been having some trouble sleeping since the fight and with all this COVID s*** that's going on, so I ordered one of those weighted blankets 'cause I heard they're good for anxiety and stuff.

"I got the 20 pound version 'cause I figured that's less than half the weight of the outfit that cost me in the Fury fight. Anyway, it arrived a couple of days later and I went to sleep under it that night; it felt pretty nice.

"But when I woke up in the morning, I couldn't move a muscle. My arms, legs, everything felt weak and numb. I tried to get it off me, but it had drained all my energy. The only part of me that wasn't under the blanket was my head, so I yelled for Telli [Swift, Wilder's fiancé], but then I remembered she's staying with her family and nobody else was in the house.

"I was trapped for days. The only reason I'm here speaking with you guys now is because a UPS dude was delivering the $13,000 diamond-encrusted protective mask I had made so I don't get coronavirus. Luckily, he heard me screaming, kicked the door down and took the blanket off me.

"Anxiety-relieving my a**. I returned that s*** as soon as I was able to walk again."

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