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Manchester City lodge formal complaint with UEFA, claiming Liverpool have 'too many fans'

Premier League leaders Manchester City have lodged a formal complaint with UEFA following their 3-0 defeat in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, it has emerged.

It was initially expected that City would file a complaint in relation to an incident prior to the game, where Liverpool fans were seen throwing objects at the Manchester City team bus, including flares and bottles. Instead, the club's complaint revolves around the club's peculiar assertion that Liverpool have 'too many fans' and that it's somehow unfair to City, who are known to struggle to fill the Etihad Stadium (often labelled the Emptyhad by rival fans), even for Champions League games. The complaint argues: "It's completely unfair how many fans Liverpool FC have, and it most certainly cost us the win. In the last few years, we've spent almost £1billion on players, brought Pep Guardiola in, won the Premier League twice, and we're about to win it a third time, and we still have to give tickets to schools and even the local homeless people. Sometimes, we pay them and give them free food, and they still say no. "Then you have Liverpool filling their stadium every week and making it look easy. The scouse gits haven't won a meaningful trophy for over a decade, yet they have five times as many fans as we do. Obviously, they're cheating. That's the only explanation. The bizarre complaint ends with a somewhat desperate plea, stating: "Accordingly, as compensation, we ask that you force at least 50,000 Liverpool fans to support our club instead. It's not fair that they should have such an advantage over other clubs - we just want an equal footing." Unsurprisingly, UEFA have yet to provide a response to the complaint. More on this story as it develops.



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