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Phil Neville - I didn't even know women played football

Newly-appointed manager of the England women’s national football team, Phil Neville, has revealed he thought he would be managing the men’s team.

Earlier today at a press conference, a media correspondent asked Neville how he felt about managing the women’s team, leaving the former Manchester United and Everton player confused. After realising his mistake, he replied:

“I’m sorry. I was under the impression I would be managing the men’s team, but I’ve just been informed I was mistaken. To be honest, I didn’t even know women played football. I thought they’d be far too busy in the kitchen for that.

“I suppose I’ll have to rethink my tactics. Do the women know what a high press is or do they think it’s an ironing technique?”

The remarks come just days after Neville was heavily criticised for historic tweets which were deemed sexist, including the below:

“When I said morning men I thought the women would of been busy preparing breakfast/getting kids ready/making the beds – sorry morning women!”



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