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Conor McGregor has no memory of fighting in UFC, may have dementia

UFC superstar Conor McGregor cannot remember competing in the UFC, it has been confirmed.

The two-weight UFC champion swears he has never fought in a mixed martial arts contest in his life, claiming he is in fact a boxer, whisky manufacturer and, in his words, 'fashionista'.

When asked when he would be returning to the UFC, he replied: "UFC? Who the f*** is that guy?"

The fighter underwent an MRI scan earlier this week, and his doctor had this to say:

"Conor isn't really sure where he is at the moment. One minute, he thinks he's a world champion boxer, the next he's an Olympic skier or a mathematical genius working for the CIA.

"The MRI results were inconclusive, but there were some signs of atrophy consistent with those found in dementia patients.

"It could be that the vicious beating he took from Floyd Mayweather has caused him to forget all about the UFC. Well, that or the cash..."


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