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Tyson Fury SLAMMED for Offering £10 to Homeless Man then Demanding £7 in Change

WBC heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury has been heavily criticised after offering a homeless man a £10 note but then demanding £7 change in return.

According to eyewitnesses, Fury spotted the man on the streets of Manchester and approached him with a ten-pound note in his hand. However, after the homeless man gratefully accepted the money, Fury allegedly demanded the man give him £7 back in change, claiming "you're not worth the full £10" and that he needed the money to pay for parking his 2007 Volkswagen Passat.

Fury was then seen taking the £10 note back and putting it back in his pocket, allegedly stating "deal's off. You had 5 seconds to accept and you've bottled it".

The incident was captured on video by several onlookers, and the footage quickly went viral on social media, sparking outrage among many viewers.

"Man of the people, yeah right," commented one Twitter user. "How can you offer someone money and then take it back like that? It's beyond selfish."

Fury fans, however, took a different view. Another Twitter user said "What more does he have to do? He offered that homeless dosser £3! Where else is he getting that kind of money? NOWHERE. Man ducked the Gypsy King's generosity and he can stay on the streets. Fury's the People's Champ, always giving back to his fans," adding the hashtags #TheGenerousOne and #HomelessDucker.



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