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Man Utd players beg Mourinho to come back in bizarre mid-game protest

Football fans were left shocked during Wednesday's Premier League fixture between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur as the home team halted play to beg former manager José Mourinho to come back to Old Trafford.

Only 12 or so minutes into the hotly anticipated game between two struggling giants, the home team kicked the ball out of play and started charging towards their former manager, who was dismissed from his post back in December 2018.

Lightning fast Welshman Daniel James was first to reach 'The Special One', dropping to his knees and squeezing Mourinho's legs like an apologetic child.

James was overheard by a fan near the dugout pleading with the Portuguese manager:

"Please come back to us, boss. Ole doesn't have a f***ing clue what he's doing. He's playing Fred on a weekly basis and giving Ashley Young the captain's armband for Christ's sake.

"Probably shouldn't be me asking you, seeing as you never managed me. I just got here first because I'm super quick. You'll see if you manage us again. I'll get up now."

Rashford was next to throw himself at Mourinho's feet, followed by Jesse Lingard, who seemingly just wanted to be part of the cool kids.

Unfortunately for Mourinho and Tottenham, the confusion caused by Manchester United's odd demonstration ended up winning them the game, giving Solksjær at least another week in charge of the club.

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