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Coronavirus: Jesse Lingard in isolation after irritating teammates

Manchester United midfielder Jesse Lingard has been forced to self-isolate for at least 21 days after displaying symptoms of being an immature little s***.

Initial reports indicated that the 27-year-old England international had been placed into quarantine due to coronavirus, the fast-spreading infection that has led the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare it a global pandemic.

But the Manchester club has now released a statement clarifying the situation, which you can read below:

"Following unsettling rumours that our number 14 player, Jesse Lingard, has contracted coronavirus/COVID-19, we wish to clarify the situation for our fans.

"It is indeed true that Jesse has been placed into involuntary isolation for at least 21 days, but not because he is suspected of contracting any virus; he was just pissing everyone off, acting like a 12-year-old, dabbing all the time and forcing his teammates to partake in his embarrassing stories on Instagram and Snapchat.

"Accordingly, after consulting with the players and the managerial staff, we made a decision to put Jesse in quarantine until he starts acting his age and not his shirt number. At this stage, we cannot guarantee he will be back in training after the initial 21-day period, but he is already showing signs of improvement, having deleted his Snapchat account and reading his first book."

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