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Andy Ruiz Jr. named 'Franchise Champion' by Taco Bell

Former heavyweight champion of the world Andy Ruiz Jr has been appointed as 'Franchise Champion' by fast food chain, Taco Bell.

Ruiz Jr stunned Anthony Joshua to become heavyweight champion of the world back in 2019, before losing his belts in a rematch in which he appeared sluggish and even more out of shape than usual.

But despite the 30-year-old's mild fall from grace, Taco Bell have given the "Destroyer" something to celebrate. Read the official announcement below.

"We are proud to announce the appointment of Andrés Ponce "Andy" Ruiz Jr as the first ever Taco Bell Franchise Champion.

"At a recent board meeting of our parent company, Yum! Brands Inc., it was decided that we would recognize someone who represents true Taco Bell values by bestowing upon them a special title, which we borrowed somewhat from the World Boxing Council (WBC).

"The Franchise Champion designation has been established to provide a unique status to those customers who prove to be an elite level; the frequent visitors, the champions of churros, the true connoisseurs, able to eat our entire menu in one sitting.

"And who better to represent our brand, an American-based food franchise of Mexican descent, than an American-based boxer of Mexican descent who also happens to be one of our best customers?

"As our esteemed Franchise Champion, Ruiz Jr will be entitled to eat at any of our restaurants across the globe for free, and will proudly represent Taco Bell as reigning champion at every location he steps in. He shall be entitled to any food in that restaurant, including items already purchased or even half-eaten by other customers."

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