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Andy Ruiz Jr sentenced to 500 lashings for revealing breasts in Saudi Arabia

Heavyweight champion of the world, Andy Ruiz Jr, has been sentenced to 500 lashings for revealing his breasts while promoting his rematch with Britain's Anthony Joshua in December.

The Mexican-American was spotted posing topless while shooting promotional material for the upcoming fight, leaving a local Saudi passing through the area "sickened and disgusted". Amir Bin Hikin had this to say:

"I was just on my daily walk when I witnessed a large, pale, tattooed prostitute, almost completely uncovered. She was wearing only shorts and boxing gloves, revealing her arms, legs, face, belly and giant breasts.

"I was sickened and disgusted when I saw them. To dress this way in our country is a disgrace, so I immediately reported it to the nearest mutawa (Saudi Arabia's religious police). This bearded Mexican lady will be brought to justice before the eyes of Allah."

​Ruiz Jr reportedly protested, insisting that he is in fact a man, but the Saudi police ignored his pleas, stating "it's not possible; there is no man in Saudi Arabia with such voluptuous tits as these" and the boxer was sentenced to 500 lashings.

The boxer will hope to receive his lashings with enough time to recover before he faces what could be the toughest fight of his life in December against a motivated Anthony Joshua. (While you're here, we'd appreciate if you'd give us a like on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram or Twitter. Just click one of the links below!)



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