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Anthony Joshua QUIT Christmas dinner, mum confirms

Heavyweight champion of the world Anthony Joshua has suffered a second shock defeat of the year according to his mother, this time at the dinner table.

Yeta Odusanya, mother to perhaps the face of modern heavyweight boxing, claims her son quit midway through his Christmas dinner during this year's festive celebrations.

The British boxer earned back his heavyweight titles after losing them in a shock knockout defeat to Andy Ruiz Jr, outpointing the Mexican-American in Saudi Arabia last month, but it appears as though the Nigerian-born heavyweight has once again lost his pride, this time at the dinner table.

Odusanya had this to say about the incident:

"It was like the first fight with Ruiz all over again, but if anything it was worse. His entire family watched from just feet away as he gave up. One minute he was comfortably putting away his turkey, then he just quits.

"He never seemed to shake off that giant roast potato and it was all downhill from there.

"It was horrifying to watch as a mother, to see your son just give up like that. We tried to encourage him, even suggested he take a quick break to give himself a chance to recover, but he just couldn't carry on.

"He's a bit embarrassed by the situation and won't leave his bedroom, but he wanted me to assure his fans he's going to train even harder to be ready for the rematch next Christmas."

According to sources, Joshua has disputed the claim that he quit, stating he'd just dropped his fork and was waiting for his mum to give him a new one, but, mistakenly believing he was done, she took his plate away instead.

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