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Bonus episode of Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries to focus on Deontay Wilder

Online streaming giant Netflix has confirmed an additional bonus episode of its popular 'Unsolved Mysteries' will be released this week, focusing on the disappearance of former WBC heavyweight world champion, Deontay Wilder.

The 34-year-old boxer has been missing since being stopped in brutal fashion by Tyson Fury in the seventh round of their second fight.

Witnesses claim to have seen the 'Bronze Bomber' preparing for a third fight with Britain's 'Gypsy King', while some say they've seen him scuba diving near the Gulf Shores of Alabama or making protest videos in a secret forest. But at the time of writing, no sightings have been confirmed by local authorities.

Netflix confirmed in a statement that the special bonus episode will be released on 22nd October, on what is (or would be) Wilder's 35th birthday, and that it will include interviews from Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury and a sparring partner who claims to know exactly where Wilder is.

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