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BREAKING: Canelo/BJS OFF again after Saunders demands 40 oz gloves

This weekend's blockbuster super-middleweight title fight between Saúl 'Canelo' Álvarez and Billy Joe Saunders in Texas has reportedly been called off for the second time this week due to a glove size dispute.

Saunders, the WBO super-middleweight champion from Britain, claimed in an interview with Talksport that both fighters agreed to use 40 oz gloves when signing up for the fight, and he refuses to enter the ring unless both fighters are wearing at least 36 oz gloves.

The 31-year-old also claimed that the fight contract included clauses stipulating that Canelo must weigh in at 140 lbs on the day of the fight, the referee be a Traveller from the north of England and that Saunders be entitled to "tag" Tyson Fury into the fight at any time like a WWE wrestling match.

"These things were all agreed before the fight", said Saunders, "and Canelo and Matchroom are trying to screw me at the last minute."

Saunders continued: "I don't care. It seems to me they're scared I'm going to spoil the show. Look, I'll fight him any time, any place, in any conditions, as long as he sticks to the terms we definitely agreed to.

"We're in an arena fit for gladiators. We can't be wearing tiny gloves. Every world title fight I've been in we've worn 40 oz gloves, and there's nothing wrong with letting Tyson have some fun as well; it's just a bit of fanfare.

"I hope Cinnamon and his team grow some balls before the fight, otherwise I'm packing my bags and going home. Cowards."



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