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BREAKING: Keith Thurman injures chakras, pulls out of comeback fight

WBA Welterweight champion Keith Thurman, out of the ring for almost two years after several injuries, has been forced to postpone his comeback once again after apparently injuring multiple chakras.

'One-Time' reportedly suffered the spirit-threatening injury during an intense Reiki session in the build-up to his comeback fight against Josesito Lopez on 26th January and claims he is in no condition to fight.

Thurman's witch doctor has confirmed the American will need to undergo a lengthy "chakra realignment and healing" regime before he is able to return to boxing, including deep meditation, spiritual group therapy, rain dances and daily didgeridoo sessions, to name a few.

"It's incredibly frustrating", said Thurman, "but it's an occupational hazard; it can't be avoided.

"I'd like nothing more than to get back in the ring and knock Lopez, Spence, Porter, all these guys into the Shravaka realm, but I can't fight at my best level if my chakras aren't aligned and my third eye isn't 100% open. My fans will understand."

Hopefully, Thurman's latest injuries aren't too serious and we wish him a speedy recovery. Spirits be with him.



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