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British man claims to know what happened in Super Bowl

A man from Bristol who watches the NFL for half a game once a year believes he understands the sport and claims to know exactly what happened in this year’s Super Bowl.

Paul Davies, who works in finance and has never left the United Kingdom despite being 46, arrived at work this morning and greeted colleagues by saying “wow, what a Super Bowl; did you guys see it"?

Though Davies fell asleep during the second quarter and watched a two-minute highlight video before driving to work the next morning, he proceeded to attempt a six-minute explanation of the game.

However, he failed to remember any of the players’ names or simple terms such as ‘end zone’ and ‘quarterback’, instead calling the most important player in the team the ‘thrower’.

Forgetting the teams’ names, he repeatedly referred to them as the ‘Swans’ and the ‘Reindeers’, claiming the ‘Reindeers’ won by a quarter-touchdown, a term he made up himself, which he thinks means 12 points.

Davies ended his error-fraught explanation by declaring how amazing the ‘Bowl’ looked, blissfully unaware that the trophy bears no resemblance to a bowl.



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