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Burglars return to Chris Eubank Jr's home to give back IBO belt

The burglars who ransacked the Sussex home of British boxer Chris Eubank Jr broke in again a few days after just to leave his IBO super middleweight belt.

Eubank Jr, son of British boxing legend Chris Eubank, took to social media earlier this week to tell fans his mansion in Sussex had been burgled while he was out.

T​he perpetrators had smashed the back bedroom window and took a number of the fighter's precious belongings, including his beloved International Boxing Organization championship belt, which, despite not being recognised as a major world title by anyone other than Eubank Jr, is generally glued to his shoulder wherever he goes.

It's not clear why the 30-year-old from Hove left the belt in his house that night, but he was no doubt devastated to arrive home and find it had been stolen by heartless thieves who couldn't possibly understand its value.

And as it turns out, they couldn't find anyone else who understood its value either. Presumably unable to find a buyer for the unheralded strap, the burglars broke into Eubank Jr's home through the very same, recently repaired window just a few days after the initial incident to leave the belt on the pugilist's bed.

According to Eubank Jr, who had taunted the burglars for neglecting to take his expensive Dolce and Gabbana jacket and expensive watch (possibly in the hope that they would return and a few right hooks would convince them to give his title back), they took no more of his belongings and only left the belt, to Eubank Jr's delight.

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