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Canelo - I'm clean now, so we can forget about the last few days, right?

Following news that Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez has tested clean just a few days after testing positive for banned substance Clenbuterol, the fighter has asked fans to forget the positive test ever happened.

In a desperate attempt to regain the boxing public's favour, during an interview with HBO, the Mexican superstar asked fans to swallow a proverbial roofie and forget he ever tested positive. Translated from Canelo's native language, Spanish, the fighter said:

"As you've all probably heard by now, I've tested negative for all banned substances since the positive tests in February. I'm clean now, so we can forget about the last few days and the positive tests, right? Please?"

Former world champion boxer, Oscar De La Hoya, now head of Golden Boy Promotions and Canelo's promoter, also pleaded with the public, saying:

"Obviously, we're happy all the recent tests came back negative. We were worried for a while because Canelo always insists we stop at Gorditas Doña Tota on the way to testing; he just loves their beef gorditas.

"I was furious with him at first. It's not easy work brushing aside a positive drug test, and we've already pushed our luck lately buying those judges in the first fight with Golovkin, and now we've had to pay off the WBC and the WBA. It's a nightmare.

"But I'm just glad it's all over, and everyone can go back to supporting Mexico's biggest star. If everyone could just forget about this week and look forward to the rematch, that would be great. We promise he won't eat any more tainted meat and/or take any more performance enhancing drugs, not that he did that in the first place. S***. Forget I said that too."



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