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Canelo offers BJS "advanced beef supplements" to get fight back on

Canelo Alvarez has sensationally offered Billy Joe Saunders a share of his exclusive "Mexican Super Beef" supplements in order to prepare the British boxer for a potential fight in September.

"I heard Billy complaining that he will not be ready to fight within three months, and I don't blame him," Canelo told reporters. "As a boxer, you can only fit so much training into each day before you get tired and have to stop. But you know what? I have something that means you never get tired, and can always carry on fighting.

"That something is Canelo's Advanced Beef Supplements – The Meat You Can't Defeat! It's the secret behind my incredible endurance and ability to change weight divisions without ever losing power or speed. Just one meal from Canelo’s Secret Freezer will have Billy Joe fighting fit in no time. In fact, he'll be stronger than he ever thought humanly possible.

"I can arrange for my grandmother to send him over a delicious selection of frozen dinners whenever he wants. The only thing I ask in return is that my grandmother is also selected as the sole judge of our fight, and also the referee."

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