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Charge Declan Rice with attempted murder, demands Fergie

Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has called on Scotland Yard to arrest Declan Rice for attempted murder, claiming Rice’s free-kick on Wednesday night was intended to kill Paul Pogba.

"I thought Declan Rice seemed like a good lad, with a promising future ahead of him," Ferguson told our source. "But the only future he deserves now is a life behind bars. The thuggery we witnessed from Rice is equalled only by Ashley Williams' heinous attack on Robin Van Persie in 2012, which I also fairly judged as an attempt on a United player's life.

And Sir Alex wasn’t only unhappy with the West Ham midfielder.

"The authorities have to do better," Ferguson declared. "And not just the police – what the hell is the ref doing giving a penalty against Pogba for saving himself from certain death?

"I thought the officials had been briefed to give United ridiculous penalties, not award them against us. All the referee's decision says to me is that the Premier League don’t agree that Black Lives Matter."

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