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Chelsea accused of match-fixing after conceding 3 in West Ham loss

Fans have accused Chelsea FC of 'blatant' match-fixing after the club wore shirts with a giant number 3 in a 3-2 loss against West Ham United.

Seemingly out of nowhere, the Blues announced hours prior to their Premier League clash with the Hammers that they would be wearing a new kit for the remainder of the season, emblazoned with the logo of their new sponsor, telecommunications company Three.

The egregiously oversized number 3 was the focal point of the game before the sides even kicked off, and as the back-and-forth game ensued, fans began to grow suspicious when fourth-placed Chelsea seemed to let West Ham back into the game 5 minutes after Willian scored a penalty.

Suspicion turned to full blown conspiracy when Frank Lampard's side were torn apart by a fast break in the dying moments of the game and Andriy Yarmolenko slotted home for the third goal to seal an unlikely victory for West Ham and lift them to 17th in the table.

"Did they need to make it so f**king obvious", asked post-2003 Chelsea fan Marcus Kraft the third. "What team changes their shirt sponsor in July?"

"If your opponents are running around wearing a shirt that literally SCREAMS "3" at you for 90 minutes, of course you're going to score three, especially when you're shooting against that useless bastard, Kepa.

"It's pretty clear the fix was in. I'm more pissed off Roman [Abramovich, Chelsea's owner] didn't let me know, given my father, Marcus Kraft the second, sold him a mansion in Kensington last summer."

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