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Cristiano Ronaldo to remain on loan this season, Man Utd confirm

Manchester United have confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo will remain on loan for the 11th year running.

The Portuguese striker has, at least in the minds of Manchester United and its supporters, been on an extended loan period since 2009, having enjoyed a lengthy spell at Real Madrid and, more recently, Juventus.

"We have decided to allow Cristiano Ronaldo to stay out on loan again this season", a spokesperson for the club said.

"While it will no doubt disappoint the fans, who haven't seen him play in a United shirt for around 10 years now, both the club and Cristiano have mutually agreed that the timing is not yet right for his return to the club, so he will remain at Juventus for now.

"We originally sent him on loan in Spain at Real Madrid to give him a bit more confidence by playing against Sunday league level teams every week.

"Hopefully, once he's had a bit more time to develop his skills, he'll be ready to come back and play Premier League level football. Both we and the fans know he's a red, through and through. He'll come back one day. He'll definitely, 100% be back, I hope. Definitely."

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