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Deontay Wilder collapses again carrying pack of Kirkland toilet paper

Deontay Wilder is reportedly back in hospital after collapsing under the weight of a 30-roll pack of Kirkland toilet paper from Costco in Birmingham, Alabama.

The former heavyweight champion of the world lost his WBC title to Britain's Tyson Fury via a seventh round stoppage back in February, and has been suffering setbacks in his recovery ever since. A few weeks ago it was reported that he suffered multiple injuries trying on a Canada Goose coat in his local mall.

And now, reports suggest that the boxer collapsed whilst carrying a 30-roll pack of Kirkland toilet paper on his way to the cash register at the Costco store in Birmingham, Alabama, reinjuring his legs in the process.

Upon hearing reports that millions of people are stockpiling toilet paper due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, Wilder, whose professional record now stands at 42-1-1, is said to have driven 50 miles to his nearest Costco to bulk buy some for him and his family.

According to a source, the 'Bronze Bomber' used his 6 foot 7 frame and long reach to grab a pack from the top shelf, but upon trying to bring it down the boxer's legs, already weakened by his recent injuries, buckled once again, sending him crashing to the floor and causing 11 packs (330 rolls) of toilet paper to fall directly on top of him, breaking his collar bone and fracturing his jaw.

Wilder once again assured fans in yet another statement that he is still in 'fine spirit', also confirming his wife was able to fight off the other shoppers and buy the toilet paper before taking him to hospital.

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