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Did Tyson Fury KILL Carole Baskin's husband? A Wilder fan investigates

Now that the dust has settled on his fraudulent and disgraceful victory over Deontay Wilder, it is time to expose Tyson Fury's darkest secret yet: his role in the disappearance of Don Lewis, husband of Carole Baskin from the Tiger King documentary series on Netflix.


If you saw the second fight between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury back in February, you'll know that Fury is a dirty, cheating hack, for a whole host of different reasons that have been proven beyond all reasonable doubt.

So far, we Wilder fans have concluded, using irrefutable photo and video evidence, that the British boxer had his hands only halfway inside his gloves (allowing Fury to hit Wilder with his padded wrist), the padding in those gloves was replaced with cement or a cement-like substance, he was using steroids, he hit Wilder in the back of the head at least 58 times, and he shouldn't be able to move that fast when he's so damn tubby (which is no doubt related to the steroids).

But now, after several weeks of self-isolating due to coronavirus and watching the amazing documentary series, Tiger King, we have stumbled upon the theory that will expose that fake champion Tyson Fury and his bogus win over the 'Bronze Bomber' once and for all.

As we all know, Carole Baskin, owner of Big Cat Rescue, is the arch-enemy of the 'Tiger King' himself and star of the series: Joe Exotic. We also know that her former husband, Jack Donald ('Don') Lewis, mysteriously went missing in August 1997 and hasn't been seen since.

Many, Joe Exotic included, suspect that Carole Baskin killed her husband and fed him to her tigers, but what if she really did have nothing to do with it? What if another self-professed King had something to do with it? Someone who even calls himself the 'Gypsy King'? Someone named, you guessed it, Tyson Fury?

Stay with me. Tyson Fury was born in Manchester, England on 12 August 1988. August, the very same month that Carole Baskin's husband went missing in 1997. He was named after none other than heavyweight boxing legend that is Mike Tyson. In fact, the pair have developed a highly suspicious friendship, to the point where Mike Tyson even rooted for him against a black boxer during Black History Month. That's just unprecedented.

Now, look at this picture of Mike Tyson. What's he standing with? That's right: a tiger.

One of his old pet tigers, to be precise. In fact, Mike Tyson owned three tigers during the 1990s and early 2000s before donating them to a sanctuary. But where does a boxer purchase a tiger in America during the 1990s, you ask? Well, you buy it from Joe Exotic or Doc Antle or one of those other crazy rednecks.

Now, back to Tyson Fury. Specifically, back to his unlikely friendship and obsession with Las Vegas, the same place Mike Tyson kept his beloved tigers back when Don Lewis disappeared. Fury has long been obsessed with Las Vegas, so much so that his last three fights have been in the aptly nicknamed "Sin City" and the 6 foot 9 heavyweight even claimed he made a vow never to visit until he got to fight there.

But why is a gypsy boxer from Manchester, England so infatuated with a place he's supposedly never been to before? Could it be because he actually has fond memories of visiting his close friend and mentor Mike Tyson back in 1997? Could it be because Don Lewis, an animal rights activist who dedicated the last few years of his life to saving tigers and other exotic animals from being sold to private owners like Mike Tyson, dared to interrupt that visit?

Let's not forget that 1997 was the very same year that Mike Tyson bit a chunk out of Evander Holyfield's ear in the pair's second fight; clearly, he was mentally unstable. Add to that at least one deadly, hungry tiger and a devious, demon child Tyson Fury goading him to have Lewis torn to shreds ("let's kill him, Mike. He's related to Lennox!"), and there you have it: the perfect crime and a suspect friendship founded on the darkest of secrets. After all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right guys?

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