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"F**k it", say Norwich

Relegation-bound Norwich City FC have decided to shift their focus to becoming the worst Premier League team in history.

"F**k it," said Norwich manager Daniel Farke to BBC reporters after his team's 2-0 loss to Burnley this evening in which the Canaries had two players sent off and Ben Godfrey scored a pitiful own goal. "We're already going down and we're not winning anything, so I've told the lads to make sure we're the worst f**king team this league's ever seen.

"If anything I'm a bit disappointed we only got two sent off. I told them I wanted four players off, three own goals and a scandal, a racist gesture or something, and the useless b****rds couldn't even get that right.

"We've got some serious work to do if we're going to beat Derby's 2007-08 season, but I've got a few tricks up my sleeve. Derby got 11 points and we've somehow got 21, but I've already got the owners working on plunging us into administration so we get at least a 12-point deduction. We're not done yet."

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