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FA Cup games kick off late to mourn death of Jesse Lingard's career

All 32 FA Cup third round fixtures this weekend will be delayed by one minute to give football fans the opportunity to reflect on the death of Jesse Lingard's career.

The Football Association agreed to the one minute delay following a heartfelt campaign by a group of crestfallen Manchester United fans mourning the loss of their favourite player.

On Saturday afternoon, six games will kick off at 12:31pm, a further nine will kick off at 3:01pm and the remaining five fixtures will begin at 5:31pm. The last nine games on Sunday will kick off at 2:01pm, with fans urged to use the extra minute to reflect on Lingard's glittering career before he tragically met his professional end this season.

The Manchester United and England midfielder was adored by fans for his lightning speed, childlike enthusiasm and cool celebrations, but after failing to score or assist a Premier League goal in 2019, his footballing career was declared officially dead on New Year's Day in 2020.

A statement from the FA said: "It is our hope that fans of our beloved sport will use the extra minute before each game to think about the highlights of Jesse's career, such as his winning goal in the 2016 FA Cup final or his first dab celebration against Newcastle in 2016.


"We urge fans to push the bad times to the back of their minds and remember Jesse as we do. Think not of how dreadful he looked towards the end, afraid of taking a shot, losing the ball nine times in one half against Arsenal, spraying passes into the stands.

"Think instead of the jinking runs, the link-ups with Rashford, the celebrations with Pogba."

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