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FA to cover Women's Super League wages for 12 weeks, costing £2,327.34

With women's football being cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Football Association have agreed to cover every Barclays FA Women's Super League player's wages for at least the next 12 weeks, which will cost approximately £2,327.34.

With the FA confirming that all football in the UK will be postponed until at least 30th April, many players in the women's top division, which has grown massively in popularity in the last year or so, were fearful that they could be out of pocket and forced to go back to their day jobs full time, rather than the usual 4 days a week.

Thankfully, the wonderful FA has stepped up, announcing that every player will receive their wages for any games they would have played in the next 12 weeks.

This incredible gesture will cost the organisation a whopping £2,327.34, meaning every female player can rest easy knowing they might be able to afford a couple of tins of tomato soup when the world is on fire in a couple of weeks and that their efforts for equal pay were not in vain.

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