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Floyd Mayweather wants $1billion to fight coronavirus

Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather has said he would be willing to return to the ring to fight coronavirus, but only if he's paid a mega purse of $1billion.

The undefeated, former five division world champion retired back in 2017 after beating Conor McGregor in the UFC star's professional boxing debut. For that fight, Mayweather Jr, whose record still stands at 50-0, reportedly made an incredible $300million.

His only foray into the ring since was another circus show, a boxing rules exhibition against kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in Japan at the end of 2018 in which Mayweather demolished the inexperienced, much smaller fighter in the first round.

In the last few months, Mayweather has hinted at a return to the ring, reportedly in discussions for an event with UFC President Dana White and suggesting either a rematch with McGregor or a fight with undefeated UFC Lightweight Champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov, stating during a fan event in the UK that he would expect at least $600million for those fights.

And now, sport's most lucrative athlete has indicated he wants to go toe to toe with coronavirus, which has swept the globe and all but cancelled every major sporting event for the foreseeable future.

​The self-proclaimed 'best ever' confirmed at another fan event that he would take the fight in a heartbeat if the price was right.

"Me and my team have considered it, and you know I'm a great champion, I'm hearing coronavirus is a great champion, and I think we can get it on. But if I'm going to risk my health fighting some deadly super virus, I'll need at least $1billion, guaranteed.

"Obviously, it'd need to be boxing rules, and that means 8oz gloves, no kicks, no immunological attacks, and Kenny Bayless will referee. That's my guy.

"I'm undefeated for a reason; I'm the best fighter of all time and the best defensive fighter of all time. Anything that attacks me, be it a fighter or a virus, I'll shoulder roll it and counter with the right hand. Doesn't matter how strong they are or how powerful, they can't touch me."

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