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Graeme Souness arrested outside Pogba's house for breaking lockdown

Football pundit Graeme Souness was arrested this afternoon for breaking coronavirus lockdown laws to pay his arch-enemy Paul Pogba a visit after becoming enraged about the Manchester United midfielder's comments earlier this week.

Pogba claimed on the club's official podcast that he "didn't know who [Souness] was" before the former Liverpool player started criticising him on a weekly basis when he rejoined United back in 2016.

An infuriated Souness first responded on Sky Sports' 'The Football Show', stating: "you know the oldest saying in football comes to mind: Put your medals on the table. I’ve got a big table", referring to his three European Cup medals and five English league titles as a Liverpool player and seemingly forgetting Pogba's World Cup medal and other accolades.

But, according to reports, when Pogba ignored the Scotsman's jibes, Souness spent the next two days drinking cask strength single malt whisky before sobering up and driving 250 miles from Dorset to the Frenchman's house in Manchester, in breach of the lockdown laws put in place by the government to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The 66-year-old apparently stood outside his car ranting and calling on Pogba to step outside his house to "settle it" for over two hours, before some disturbed neighbours called the police.

Eventually, an emotional Souness was arrested and issued a fine of £60 for what the police deemed an unessential trip.

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