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Guardiola hails his own genius after beating League Two club Cheltenham

Pep Guardiola has declared himself “a tactical visionary of the highest order,” following Manchester City’s 3-1 victory over League Two club, Cheltenham Town.

“Some of those Cheltenham players cost nearly as much as Benjamin Mendy’s last birthday cake,” Guardiola revealed to reporters. “And yet somehow, I found a way to beat them.”

Guardiola was particularly pleased with his substitutions following Cheltenham’s second-half opening goal.

“Most coaches would be left scratching their heads in confusion if their team of internationals went behind to a bunch of part-time stable-hands,” Pep opined.

“I, on the other hand, knew exactly what to do. I brought on two more international players off the bench. Not that I had much choice to be fair; all of my substitutes have been capped by their countries.

“Cheltenham’s manager, whoever he is, probably some type of jockey; he doesn’t have to contend with such problems.”

Satisfied, Pep swiftly exited the press conference to prepare for Manchester City’s attempt at a “giant-killing” against West Brom in their next Premier League game.

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