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Incredible Gaethje retires Khabib at UFC 254

Justin Gaethje shocked the world last night at UFC 254, ending the career of Khabib Nurmagomedov via second round submission.

Fresh off his demolition of Tony 'El Cucuy' Ferguson back in May, Gaethje was looking to win his first UFC title against the undefeated champion and latest entrant in the "greatest of all time" conversation, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

And the man they call 'The Highlight' did not disappoint in the final fight of the UFC's latest round of 'Fight Island' events in Abu Dhabi. In the first round, a calm and composed Gaethje proved he was definitely not out of his depth, circling the octagon and returning Khabib's ugly, unorthodox strikes with some crisp leg kicks and thunderous head punches. Gaethje would take the round on two of the three judges' scorecards, just the one blind son of a bitch scoring it for Khabib.

The second round would be huge, the pair exchanging blows in the centre of the octagon before a gallant Gaethje almost crippled Nurmagomedov with another excruciating leg kick, instantly driving the desperate Russian to the ground. The fight ended with Khabib on his back, underneath the man with the most underrated wrestling in the sport, so exhausted from the victory that he fell straight to sleep.

After it was over, the deflated, defeated Nurmagomedov instantly announced his retirement. A sad end to the glittering career of a man who just wasn't good enough to handle a focused Justin Gaethje.

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