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James Harden receives TripAdvisor 'Traveler of the Year' award

Travel giants TripAdvisor have given this year's coveted 'Traveler of the Year' award to NBA star, James Harden.

The award is generally reserved for avid globe-trotters (or privileged twenty-somethings with no grasp of concepts such as 'work' or 'responsibility'). But in an unprecedented move, TripAdvisor, the largest travel site in the world, opted to give the award to the Houston Rockets' star player instead this year.

Stephen Kaufer, CEO and co-founder of TripAdvisor, said:

"We never said the award had to be given to people traveling to different countries, hotels etc. And besides, who travels better than James Harden?

"The guy could take 20 steps backwards before scoring a 3-pointer and convince the officials and fans it's a completely legal move. That's talent."

The bearded wizard has played for the Rockets since being traded from Oklahoma City Thunder in 2012, and has since perfected the art of the 'step back three', though his version would perhaps be better named the 'three step back'.

Here he is all but breaking Wesley Johnson's ankles before shuffling backwards like '80s Michael Jackson and miraculously avoiding punishment, like '90s Michael Jackson:

Harden, at first reluctant to accept the award, had this to say:

"Just to be clear, me accepting this thing doesn't mean I'm accepting that I travel. I don't travel. I'm just happy to receive any awards, because I can't win a damn NBA Championship ring."



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