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Jamie Vardy arrested on suspicion of hate crime

Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy has been arrested following a suspected hate crime during a Premier League game vs Sheffield United.

The English forward and 2019-20 Premier League Golden Boot winner scored in the 90th minute to secure a 2-1 victory for the Foxes away at Bramall Lane earlier this afternoon.

After scoring his ninth goal of the season, the 33-year-old from Rotherham sprinted to the rainbow-coloured corner flag, specially designed to highlight the Premier League's support of the LGBT-friendly Rainbow Laces campaign, to give it a good old-fashioned gay-bashing.

Much to the delight of the thousands of homophobic fans watching from home, Vardy's vicious slide tackle shattered the poor flag pole to pieces, a stark reminder that there's no place in football for any of that gay stuff.

Unfortunately for Vardy, his act of homophobic rage was also witnessed by South Yorkshire Police officers, who arrested him after the game on suspicion of committing a hate crime.

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