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City fan released by police after claiming he identifies as a monkey

Manchester City fan who appeared to direct racist 'monkey gestures' at Manchester United midfielder Fred has been released without charge by police after claiming he identifies as a monkey.

Andrew Burke, 41, was arrested last week after footage circulated of him seemingly directing racist 'monkey gestures' and sounds towards Manchester United's Fred during their Premier League clash with bitter rivals Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium.

The incident happened in the second half of the heated contest, as the Brazilian player was also hit by an object thrown by another fan as he went to take a corner.

The aptly named Burke was arrested after footage of him went viral, but Greater Manchester Police had no option but to release the 41-year-old civil engineering manager after he baffled his interrogators by claiming he in fact identifies as a monkey and therefore cannot be racist, or imprisoned with humans.

Chief Constable Ian Hopkins confirmed the decision to release Burke was "a disappointing one, but absolutely necessary in this modern age we live in, where a person has the right to identify as a pistachio panna cotta if they so wish".

Speaking to the media after his release, Burke said:

"As a recently self-discovered member of the primate family, I am disgusted by the allegations that I made racist gestures towards Fred during last week's derby.

"I was simply communicating my disappointment as to how the game was playing out in my own native tongue."

When questioned about the timing and legitimacy of his primate status, Burke replied:

"The allegations have nothing to do with it. Ask my ex, she called me a big, stupid ape for years. I'd tell her I'm a monkey, not an ape, and that I find her generalisation of my species offensive. Then she left me.

"Look, if anything, you lot are the racists for assuming I was directing my completely natural and innate communication at him because of the colour of his skin. You should all be arrested, you sick b******s.

Burke then proceeded to waddle away from the press swinging his arms in the air before dropping his knuckles to the ground and running to his car on all fours.

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