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Miracle woman gets 22 men to listen to her for two hours

Viewers were shocked this evening as a woman was somehow able to get 22 men to listen to her for over two hours.

In an unprecedented feat, referee Stephanie Frappart was able to order no less than 22 fully grown men around during this year's UEFA Super Cup for over two full hours without incident and only a couple of short breaks needed.

When the French woman was appointed to referee this year's contest between Champions League winners Liverpool and Europa League champions Chelsea, many questioned whether someone without a penis would be capable of getting even one male player to follow her instructions without taking offence at being bossed around by a woman and storming off the pitch for a beer.

But, presumably through some form of witchcraft, Frappart managed to pull it off.

"I must say I didn't think the lads would listen to a word she said", Chelsea boss Frank Lampard admitted.

"The last time a woman made a decision at our club she got sacked", Lampard said, fondly remembering the time then-Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro was dismissed for daring to use her medical expertise to treat Eden Hazard without first asking her unqualified male colleagues.

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