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NBA 2K21 even sweatier than NBA 2K20

Those incredible bastards at 2K Sports have done it again! If the trailer is anything to go by, NBA 2K21 is set to be the sweatiest game in history.

The next edition of 2K's revered basketball game series was revealed as part of the PS5 console unveiling this evening, and boy does it look sweaty. The trailer features a really, really drenched Zion Williamson dribble a little then nail a dunk at around 3 frames per second.

"We at 2K have been working tirelessly to make this the sweatiest, most perspiration-filled, moist trailer the gaming world has ever seen", said 2K president David Ismailer.

"The gameplay will be exactly the same as NBA 2K20, and 2K19, and I suppose 2K18 as well, but there's gonna be so much sweat when you first turn the game on you're not going to care."

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