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New Super Realistic Deontay Wilder Action Figure Falls Over If You Put Costumes On It

An incredibly lifelike Deontay Wilder action figure has been released just in time for Christmas.

It may not have been the best year for the 'Bronze Bomber', being handed first defeat as a professional boxer by Britain's Tyson Fury back in February, losing his WBC world heavyweight title and his marbles in the process, but having his own lifelike action figure is sure to put him in fine spirits.

The bobble-headed action figure, standing at 7 inches tall with a 7.5 inch reach, depicts Wilder in red shorts and red boxing gloves, with the WBC strap wrapped around his waist. It also comes equipped with voice activation, including Wilder's most popular catchphrases such as "'TIL THIS DAY!", "BOOOOOOMB SQUAAAAAD!"

But its most impressive feature speaks to just how lifelike it is. It comes with a variety of costumes, and each and every one of them weakens the action figure's legs to the point where it falls to the ground immediately. When horizontal, the state-of-the-art intuitive voice activation will kick in and Wilder will yell out his most famous excuses, shouting "it's too heavy!" or "my trainer spiked my water!"

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