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Nick Kyrgios fined $600,000 by ATP for 'looking at umpire funny'

2019 Citi Open champion Nick Kyrgios has been fined by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) for looking at umpire James Keothavong in an 'unprofessional manner'.

Tennis' undisputed king of controversy, Kyrgios has once again found himself in trouble with the ATP for shooting the umpire a 'funny look' during his first round match against American Steve 'Super Mario' Johnson.

Kyrgios and the ATP have a love-hate relationship, in that both sides love the money the other makes them and hate everything else. This year alone, the ATP has fined Kyrgios on a number of occasions for his various comments and outbursts during matches.

The ATP released a statement today explaining its decision to issue a $600,000 fine.

"It has come to our attention that intolerable asshole Nick Kyrgios shot James Keothavong a funny look during his match with Steve Johnson.

"We have reviewed footage of the incident, and it is clear that Nick looked at the umpire in such a vile and disrespectful manner, bulging his eyes and glaring for more than three seconds, that we have no choice but to issue a fine.

"Mr. Keothavong, who feared for his life while subject to the uncouth Australian's gaze, is currently undergoing psychiatric treatment.

"Accordingly, Nick Kyrgios shall be fined $600,000, which is proportionate to both the seriousness of the incident and how much of a dickhead we believe Nick to be. It is unbecoming of a professional tennis player to stare at an umpire in this manner and we hope Kyrgios learns from this incident.

"Moreover, we feel it is important to state that this decision absolutely, unequivocally, 100% has nothing to do with the fact that he said we are a corrupt organisation after the match. The prick."

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